November, 2015

10 Hot Tips for Building a Strong Marriage

  Marriage is challenging, but it is the one and only context for developing the greatest human love possible.  It is well worth the work, and out of this world if you and your spouse work together as a team.  […]

A Jew is a Christian is a Jew

A Jew is a Christian is a Jew One of the most spectacular archaeological finds of all time was the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the late 1940s.  While world-famous archaeologists scanned the landscape of Israel, assisted by […]

Dating 101: Never Date a Chameleon

Dating 101: Never Date a Chameleon Can you name the most important thing your future spouse must have to be a worthy marriage partner?  The answer: A track record of godly living.  (In other words, a history of at least […]

Will the Real Holy Spirit Please Stand Up?

Introduction With so much strangeness floating around churches today, claiming to be “mighty moves of the Holy Spirit of God” and “true revival,” how does a believer know what is really of God and what is simply a counterfeit? As […]

7 Questions About the Gospel

We hear a lot about the “gospel,” but what exactly does this theological term mean?  The word “gospel” means good news, and it has something to do with getting us out of a sticky situation regarding sin, God’s judgment, and […]

What Happens When Jesus Returns?

  If you were practicing the faith in the days of yore when the American hippies and the Jesus People roamed the land, you might just remember the Christian end-time movies A Thief in the Night (1972) and A Distant […]

Sin, Judgement Day & Hell for Dummies

SIN Question: What is “sin”? Sin is any thought or action that goes against the will of God the Creator.  You can sin by doing what is wrong; you can also sin by failing to do what is right. Question: […]

How to Get a Ticket Into Heaven

  How to Get a Ticket Into Heaven Many people wonder how a person can get into Heaven.  This is probably the most important question we could ever ask because it’s an issue with eternal consequences. It’s so important that […]