December, 2015

VIDEO: Would You Feel With Me?

  Enjoy this fantastic video on the importance of showing empathy to others.  Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of others along with the willingness to share those feelings.  The Bible teaches: “Be happy with those who are […]

The Scariest Chart in the World

Here is a mind-blowing chart that visually shows you every month of your life.  After you get over the initial shock of facing your mortality in such a bold manner, use this realization to prioritize your life goals.  Needless to say, the spiritual […]

7 Reasons To Risk Failure for Greatness

Many of us are so afraid to fail that we avoid exciting life opportunities if there is a chance we might fail in the process.  Why do we live such fearful lives when so many of our greatest victories come […]

What To Do When Love Won’t Find You (4 Steps)

  I have watched so many incredible human beings hit their late 20s and early 30s without finding someone to settle down with.  Love seems to elude so many amazing people.  Trends have shown that the best among us tend to mature to such […]

Is Unconditional Love Even Possible?

  A face-slapping 53% percent of marriages crash and burn in the end, so what’s the secret to surviving and thriving in the one relationship that is supposed to last for life?  The root of the problem of this high […]

4 Spiritual Exercises to Grow Your Faith

4 Spiritual Exercises to Grow Your Faith Have you ever heard of the “Four Spiritual Exercises”? They’re incredibly basic activities, but they happen to be as essential to your spiritual health as working out is to your physical body. Apply […]

The Earth-Shaking Calculator Trick

The Earth-Shaking Calculator Trick Take a calculator; type in the number “78.” Now subtract your current age from that number and press the “=” button. Now take that number and multiply it by 365. Look at the number that the […]

Gorilla Glue & the Science of Sex

Gorilla Glue & the Science of Sex Sex is one of the most powerful things God ever created.  It’s like dynamite!  But like dynamite, sex has the potential to both build and destroy — depending on how you use or […]