5 Tips to Increase Your Salary

5 Tips to Increase Your Salary

Greater Complexity. You can increase the salary you are paid by moving to a job that has greater complexity.  The more organized you are and the more complexity you learn to handle the more rare your skill set is.

Challenging Working Conditions.  You can increase your salary by selecting a job that has more challenging working conditions. The more difficult the working conditions the less others are willing to do that job, so demand goes up (and so should the salary).

Education.  You can pursue a higher level of education, and thereby make yourself more valuable to your employer by gaining a rarer skill set (which creates a higher demand and higher value of work).

Experience.  You can gain more experience.  By simply gaining more experience and faithfully applying what you’ve learned you become a more skilled worker, and the higher the skill level the rarer the skills (which creates a higher demand and higher value of work).

Take on More Responsibility.  You can learn to take on a greater level of responsibility in your work place. Most people want less responsibility, not more.  But the more responsibility you are able to carry during your work hours the more valuable you are to your employer (and the more your work is valued to that employer). If you do one or more of these five things, you will likely be able to increase the salary your employer is willing to pay. This is just the way it works.

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