A Jew is a Christian is a Jew

A Jew is a Christian is a Jew

One of the most spectacular archaeological finds of all time was the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the late 1940s.  While world-famous archaeologists scanned the landscape of Israel, assisted by the advantage of major funding and the most advanced dig tools, it was the Gentile Bedouin shepherds that stumbled upon the immeasurable treasure of the Dead Sea Scrolls — and completely by accident.  While tending their sheep, a couple of shepherd boys tossed a rock into a dark cave.  Hearing a curious “clank” as a stone stuck an object in the dark, the shepherds went in to find what is literally humanity’s most important heirloom.  Literally priceless.

What is a Jew?

If Jesus ended up turning out to be the Jewish Messiah that God had promised to send in the Tanakh (Old Testament), then there would be nothing more Jewish than to believe in Jesus.  But wouldn’t that be interesting?  All of a sudden, a Jewish person would realize that the Gentiles had stumbled upon the Jewish Messiah (Mashiach) — the greatest treasure God could offer the world.  This would be difficult to swallow.  How could those who were not searching for the Messiah find Him while He eluded those who sought Him?

So while being “Jewish” is a nationality that comes through being a descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, it is also a religion that requires belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and acceptance of His will.  If a person of Jewish ancestry rejects the God of the Jewish Bible, they will not get to inherit the world to come (עוֹלָם הַבָּא) — the Heaven God offers.  That said, sadly, a Jewish person that rejects God and His will cannot be a member of God’s chosen beyond this life because they will not be given a place in the world to come.  The Scriptures – even the Torah itself – make this reality known.  One of the most important commandments of God is to accept the Messiah He sends.

How strange it would be for those who are born Jewish if Jesus – a Messiah primarily discovered by the Gentiles – ends up being the Jewish Messiah.

What is a Christian?

If the Jewish Messiah ended up being the superhero of Christianity, then a “Christian” would have actually put their faith in the real God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, along with the Messiah that the God of the Jews sent.  That would make a “Christian” a lot like Ruth in the Bible.  Ruth was a Moabitess — a Gentile from a pagan land.  At a pivotal time in her life, she declared of the Jews: “Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God.” (Ruth 1:16)  This was a Gentile who converted to the God of the Jews, and she became the grandmother of King David.  She became Jewish.  So what if it turned out that Gentiles who pray to the God of the Jews and accept Jesus as the Messiah turn out to be right regarding the Messiah’s identity?  Would they all be as Jewish as Ruth was?  Yes — they would be adopted by God into a Jewish family by spiritual adoption.  It’s called “conversion.”

Does Everyone Object?

Many reading this post will feel strong emotional objections.  Didn’t “Christians” commit incredible atrocities against Jews all throughout the last two thousand years — through the crusades, inquisition, and concentration camps?  How could the two ever come to see eye to eye?  As for Christians, haven’t the Jews worked to uproot the concept of the Messiahship of Jesus — a figure so near and dear to their hearts?  To the Jews I would say this: A true follower of Jesus would never hurt, mistreat, or despise anyone — especially Jewish people, who are members of Jesus’ own family.  If they do they are either a fraud, being a “Christ-follower” in name only, or they are completely misled by teachings foreign to Jesus’ mouth.  To the Christians I would say this: The entire first generation of believers in Jesus were Jewish, and everything you know about this Messiah you proclaim was taught to you by the pens and testimony of Jewish writers.  Do not forget that your own Bible declares that God fully intends to bless the Jewish people in the last days when they return to Him.


With all of this said, if the Messiah one day appears and turns out to be Jesus, then a very strange and awkward merging of families will occur by means of recognition of common a Heavenly Father and a common Messiah.  This would be much like adopted children coming to live for the first time with their new brothers and sisters.  On this day, the following statement would be eerily true: The Jew is a Christian is a Jew.

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