Salvation Q&A

7 Questions About the Gospel

We hear a lot about the “gospel,” but what exactly does this theological term mean?  The word “gospel” means good news, and it has something to do with getting us out of a sticky situation regarding sin, God’s judgment, and […]

Sin, Judgement Day & Hell for Dummies

SIN Question: What is “sin”? Sin is any thought or action that goes against the will of God the Creator.  You can sin by doing what is wrong; you can also sin by failing to do what is right. Question: […]

How to Get a Ticket Into Heaven

  How to Get a Ticket Into Heaven Many people wonder how a person can get into Heaven.  This is probably the most important question we could ever ask because it’s an issue with eternal consequences. It’s so important that […]

Faith in a Two-Headed “Savior”?

I’ve been going to church for a long time, and over the years I’ve heard many explanations on how to be saved.  Would you believe that not all “gospel” explanations sound the same?  One Gospel I heard spoke of a […]

Saved By the Savior or Good Behavior?

  Does Salvation Come By Faith or By Lordship? Does salvation come to the sinner (everyone sins) by faith (trusting in Jesus’ cross-earned atonement) or by lordship (obeying His behavioral commandments)? This is an incredibly relevant question, and many of […]