VIDEO: Leadership Lessons From Crazy Dancing Guy


VIDEO: Leadership Lessons From Crazy Dancing Guy

If you have felt an inner call to do something great with your life, then you need to pursue that dream.  If that dream requires leadership, then you must be ready to do your dance alone in the beginning.  Without a doubt, it gives me incredible satisfaction to introduce you to the following video that has so much to teach us about leadership.  You will smile, and you will laugh, but most importantly, you will be greatly inspired — I promise.  Let’s all get some encouragement from the crazy dancing guy today.



Are you ready to lead?  If you have something so important to accomplish in this the world that you cannot stay silent, you may have to be like the crazy dancing guy.  Start with courage and give it 100%.  If the cause is worthy, you just might find a crowd forming to join in on the cause.  Go for it!


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