7 Reasons To Risk Failure for Greatness

Many of us are so afraid to fail that we avoid exciting life opportunities if there is a chance we might fail in the process.  Why do we live such fearful lives when so many of our greatest victories come when we confront the risk of failure and courageously try something new?  Without a doubt, we need to rethink our perception of failure and make sure we know how to fail forward.

The 7 Benefits of Risking Failure for Greatness

  • The Wisdom of Hindsight.  The ability to do something successfully often includes the knowledge of how not to do it.  You never have to make the same mistake twice.  You are always so much smarter after you fail.  They say that “hindsight is 20/20.”
  • Failure is Not Fatal.  You can almost always try something twice, and this means you can use your first try to learn through failure, and then apply your newly gained knowledge to your second attempt.  Some even say that “the third time’s the charm.”
  • A Case Study.  Your experience with failure in a particular situation gives you a perfect case study to analyze so that you can determine exactly how to perfect your performance the next time around.
  • Perseverance.  You can learn the priceless virtue of perseverance through failure.  There is something incredibly noble about that inner grit of standing up after a failure, dusting yourself off, and trying again.
  • Ignore Ridicule.  Your life is short — and so are the lives of everyone who could possibly ridicule you for failure.  Why should you spend your limited time on earth worrying about the opinions of others who are here today and gone tomorrow?  Go out and fulfill your purpose in life.
  • God’s Approval.  God’s love and acceptance of you does not depend on your performance, and He is on your team if you are walking in His will.  Don’t let the character flaws of others cause you to fear.  You can be confident in God’s love and approval even without the constant applaud of others.
  • Opportunity.  In the end, your decision to walk forward and risk failure for greatness is the likeliest path of living a fulfilled life.  Take that chance and go for it!


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